bring transparency
into the food

Agroneum, through its platform, democratize the way
to access information related to food is disseminated.
Such information becomes common property.
What is AGRO?

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Round 04 ends at 30th November

0 Agroneum 50.000.000 AGRO
24.500.000 500,000
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White Papers


(Coming Soon)

112 111

Fully working Platform

A fully user friendly functional platform available to customers and farmers around the world to connect, network and transact .
112 111

Decentralize Farming

Information about building greenhouses either in small or large scale will be available on our platform to encourage more independent farmers.
112 111

Low fees and instant execution

A decentralized platform available to customers and companies with lower transaction payments and operational expenses.
112 111

Security through the blockchain

AGRO transactions are secured by Ethereum Smart Contract. Nobody can make a payment on your behalf.
01 st

Private Pre-sale

Aug 08 - Aug 14, 2018
Exchange rate:
$250 = 10,000 AGRO tokens
up to 100% bonus
02 st


Aug 15 - Sep 15, 2018
Exchange rate:
$375 = 10,000 AGRO tokens
up to 50% bonus
03 st

White Pre-sale

Sep 16 - Oct 31, 2018
Exchange rate:
$455 = 10,000 AGRO tokens
up to 30% bonus
04 st

Special Crowsale

Nov 01 - Nov 30,2018
Exchange rate:
$800 = 10,000 AGRO tokens
up to 20% discount
  • 12 % Future Development
  • 3 % Airdrop & Bounty
  • 50 % PreSale and Public Sale
  • 5 % Advisors and Embassadors
  • 15 % Founders and Team
  • 5 % Future Strategic Partnership
  • 50 % AGRO Platform Developement
  • 25 % Marketing and Sales
  • 5 % IT Security & Compliance
  • 5 % Management & Operational Costs
  • 5 % Legal Expenses
  • 10 % Token Market Support Fund

Easy Payment Management

Digital assets management.

Professional Network

Connect Sellers and Buyers of Agricultural Products

Transfer between wallets

No more expensive fees

Coming Soon on iOS and Android APP

Management Information systems,

Precision Agriculture

Low fees and instant execution

March 2018 completed

The Agroneum Idea is born

First meeting to define Agroneum Project
Aug 06- Aug 15, 2018 completed

Private Pre-sale

Start token pre-sale round (1) (100% Bonus) 1 ETH = 10,000 AGRO tokens
Aug 15 - Sep 15, 2018 completed

Pre-sale (50%)

Start Token Sale Round (2) (50% Bonus) 1 ETH = 8000 AGRO tokens
Sep 15 - Oct 30, 2018 current stage

White Pre-sale (+30% Bonus)

White Phase of Token Sale: up to 30% bonus 1 ETH = 6000 AGRO tokens
Nov 01 - Dec 30,2018

Last Crowsale: up to 20% bonus

Core Phase of Token Sale: 1 ETH = 5000 AGRO tokens
Jan 30, 2019

Listing on Exchanger

First Appearance on Selected Exchangers
Apr 2019

Expand Client Base

Our aim is to have partnered with a minimum of 200 businesses and individuals from the Agricultural industry.
June 2019

Beta Version Released

The beta test of the agroneum payment solution will be ready for release. The beta version will become available to our partners.
Oct - Dec 2019

Global Adoption

Usage announcement for global network and Operational Launch to general
May 2020

Prepaid Card

Payment Gateway with Prepaid Card Included
Salimat Yakubu
Strategic Advisor
Felipe Teixeira
Partner | DevOps Team Lead
Samuel Asiwaju
Abraham Tanko David
Partner | CTO
Abayomi Okemakinde
Marketing, Sales & Communication
Gabriel Iwueze
Community Manager
Abdullahi Hassan
Blockchain Advisor
Chris Wozniak
Legal Advisor
Alexander D. Martis
Australian based blockchain expert
Kajenthran AM

How can I get the AGRO token?

You can get the AGRO token during the Private or the Crowd contribution rounds, stay tuned on our website and social media channels.

Where can I store the AGRO token?

The AGRO token is an ERC-20 compatible token hence, it can be stored either on our platform or any other ERC-20 compatible wallet where you have control of the private keys.

Is AGRO a security token?

No, AGRO is a utility token used as the native token for the AGRONEUM ecosystem.

Can I make payments directly from an exchange?

Price on the first day, 08 August is 1 AGRONEUM = 0.0001 ETH or 1 ETH = 10,000 AGRONEUM.

On the Second pre-sale, 15th August to 31st of August, the price will be 1 AGRONEUM = 0.000125 ETH or 1 ETH – 8,000 AGRONEUM.

On the White pre-sale, 1st September – 15th September, the price will be 1 AGRONEUM = 0.0001667 ETH or 1 ETH – 6,000 AGRONEUM.

On the White pre-sale, 15th September – 30th October, the price will be 1 AGRONEUM = 0.0002 ETH or 1 ETH – 5,000 AGRONEUM.

What will be the primary use of AGRO token?

The AGRO token will primarily be used to pay the trading fees in the Agroneum platform and further use cases stated in our whitepaper will be implemented gradually.

Why did you choose Ethereum blockchain?

The Ethereum blockchain is very flexible compared to other smart contract platforms plus it offers good usability for new users to interact with ERC-20 compatible tokens

Is your smart contract ready?

Yes, it is ready, and the code is available on GitHub.

How secure is your smart contract?

Our smart contract is as secure as any other common smart contract developed by a team of very experienced professionals and audited by third-party industry leaders.

Is AGRO going to be trading on other exchanges?

Yes, in the long term we will list the AGRO on other platforms.

When can tokens become tradeable on exchanges?

Tokens will be tradeable from October 2018. Precise dates will be announced
Token AGRO
Token Type ERc20 - Ethereum Smart Contract
Decimal 18
Total Supply 999,999,999
Currencies Accepted ETH, BTC
Soft Cap $2,000,000
Hard Cap $20,000,000
Use of funds Product development
Token Price 1 AGRO 0.05 USD
Token Price 1 ETH 10,000 AGRONEUM
Ethereum Contract Address 0x4fCE19caa366f69Ed6Cc2793B83050E24D2c82e2
Smart contract might be updated or changed to enhance platform efficiency.

Total supply 999,999,999 AGRONEUM tokens.